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Tammy Meakem

Vice President
Jill Pierce

Hilltop Clubhouse
Tennis Courts - July 2010

Hilltop Clubhouse
T-Docks Tennis Courts - 1946

Tennis Club...

The Erskine Lakes tennis courts were constructed in the late 1920's at T-docks (which were located on the main lake across from Valley Road).  Approximately 20 years later, in the late 1940's they were torn down and replaced with a softball field. In July 1971, the newly formed Erskine Lakes Tennis Club was created and built two tennis courts at the site they remain today (between Upper Lake & Lakeview Avenue).

In 2009 the Upper Lake dam had been reconstructed, demolishing the original tennis pavilion shed. A new gazebo and shed were erected by the tennis courts for its members.

As of 2010 there are approximately 60 families in the Erskine Lakes Tennis Club.

Tennis Court Rules

  • • Courts are open year round (weather permitting)
  • Entry by key for Erskine Lakes Tennis Club members only
  •   (for application click here)
  • Do not climb on court fencing or pull on court nets
  • Wear your ELPOA badge on ELPOA property
  • No glass containers on courts
  • No bikes, scooters wheelies, skateboards, etc. on court surface
  • Play begins on the hour, for one hour, if members are waiting to play
  • Carry in/carry out - garbage/recycle cans are located at the courts
  • Erskine Lakes Tennis Club members who are 18 years and older may bring a guest
  •   (guests cannot be eligible ELPOA members or live within ELPOA boundaries)

  • Please comply with the rules and help others as well

Tennis Court Application

There is a one time initiation fee of $200.00 to join the Erskine Lakes Tennis Club
Annual Dues are $25.00 (you must be a current ELPOA member)
There is a key fee of $5.00
Please contact the Tennis Club Director for more information or an application
(click here)