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The ELPOA Courier is the newsletter emailed to all ELPOA members.  It contains information about current lake events along with this ELPOA Website. 
The Courier is generally published on the 1st of the month from March/April to October/November and the frequency is dependent upon
the volume of activities during any given period.  Articles are due no later than the 22nd of each month.

Contact Connie Hernandez at 973-962-6407, Mailbox 4 or e-mail by clicking here or by using the ELPOA Contact Page
if you need any further information.
If you need to change your email address, please e-mail by clicking here or contact the webmaster using the ELPOA Contact Page

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2018 Membership Applications
Membership Applications Have Not Mailed Yet!

2018 Applications for Membership Renewals will be sent out, and any replacement applications should be requested by e-mailing the ELPOA Secretary (click here)
NOTE: You must be eligible to join ELPOA (click for info) based on your Erskine Lake area address.
Contact (click here) the Membership Committee Chair, Kathy Ranft for New Member Applications or any questions related to becoming an ELPOA member.

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