2015 Lifeguards

Jack Ando, Antonio Barnier, Morgan Bonnano,
Sarah Bright, Rebecca Bright, Jake Catalioto,
Jess Catalioto, Matt Clauss, Billy Coiley,
Chris Conklin, Brendan Cooper, Jenna Cooper,
Gabby Cortina, Shane Davison, Molly Davison,
Shane Downey, Tristin Downey, Nina Foley,
Ryan Foley, Sami Foley, Paige Gladstone,
Marissa Groenendaal, Brian Hebert,
Jake Imbasciani, Bernadette Luongo, Jake Manke,
Chris McBride, Megan McBride, Allyssa Michalski,
Danny Mullin, Eric Mwaura, Mackenzie Pierce,
Lauren Ploger, Zach Querrazzi, Josh Querrazzi,
Brook Racanelli, Quentin Randazzo,
Jonathan St. Laurent, Alyssa Schaefer,
Laura Smith, Mark Specia, Aidan Steinberg,
Bailey Sullivan, Kelsey Sullivan, Kristen Sullivan,
Stephen Tuttle, and Julia Williamson

2015 Coordinator

Cindy Van Allen


ELPOA Lifeguards are responsible for ensuring the safety of the ELPOA patrons by preventing and responding to emergencies. All the Lifeguards hold American Red Cross certification in Lifeguard Training and Community First Aid and Safety, CPR skills and Waterfront Lifeguarding, which is designed for lifeguards working in open water, like the ELPOA beaches, rather than a pool. Lifeguards are in authority while on duty. A raised American flag at the beach indicates the lifeguards are on duty.

The ELPOA Lifeguard staff for the summer season of 2014 has been hired. We are fortunate to have many returning guards. They are: Arianna Amodeo, Jack Ando, Matt Bluze, Morgan Bonanno, Sarah Bright, Matt Clauss, Chris Conklin, Brendan Cooper, Luke Cooper, Shane Downey, Tristin Downey, Jaques Englebrecht, Nina Foley, Ryan Foley, Paige Gladstone, Brian Hebert, Bernadette Luongo, Chris McBride, Megan McBride, Dan Miller, Lauren Ploger, Brooke Racanelli, Quentin Randazzo, Alyssa Schaefer, Laura Smith, Mark Specia, Aidan Steinberg and Nick Unger. Our New Guards this season are: Antonio Barnier, Jake Catalioto, Billy Coiley, Gabby Cortina, Shane Davison, Marissa Groenendaal, Jake Imbasciani, Danny Mullin, Eric Mwaura, Mackenzie Pierce and Zach Querrazzi.

The lifeguards began full coverage of the beaches on Monday, June 25th, which was the first day of Beach Club. The lifeguards are on duty from 12:00 noon through 6:00 pm. Remember that on rainy days, lifeguard hours are limited. The symbol of the lifeguards officially on duty is a raised American flag at the beach.