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Jim Phillips

Ice Fishing

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The ELFC is to be comprised of ELPOA members 18 and older. ELPOA members 17 and under may join, but must fish with an adult member. Meetings will be held bi-monthly at Little Beach Clubhouse.
The ELFC will be running approx. 6 bass tournaments. The ULMC & LBMC tournaments will be counted
towards ELFC standings.

If you have any additional questions about the club or would like to join, please visit the
ELPOA Contact Page and send the fishing club an email.

A Fish Conservation Memo from the ELFC

The members of the ELFC would like to encourage those of you that catch and eat fish from the lake to practice a method known as Selective Harvest. What this means is that you keep fish that are of legal size but in the mid-sized growth range. This in turn allows smaller fish to grow and prosper and larger trophy sized fish to stay in the lake to spawn and pass on their good genes to future offspring. If you do catch that monster size fish, we encourage you to take digital pictures of it and measure it's length and girth. With that information you can get a fiberglass mount of the fish for your wall. Fiberglass mounts hold their color better and last longer and you will also give someone else the opportunity to catch & release a trophy fish in Erskine Lakes!

Selctive Harvest or "Slot" size limits:
Bass: 12" - 15"
Crappie: 8" - 10"
Channel Catfish: 12" - 16"