2016 Counselors
Jen Clauss
Renee Ploger
Ray Nyhuis
Jacqueline Sullivan
Paige Gladstone
Bernadette Luongo
Bailey Sullivan
Bill Coiley
Shane Davison
Nicole Jaskot
Kevin Nyhuis
Molly Davison
Kristen Sullivan
Stephen Tuttle
2016 ELBC Coordinator
Erin Ranft

2016 ELBC Board

Kim Link
 Heather Caldwell
Sonia Siciliano
Lisa White
Barbara Kuhn

Beach Club...

Erskine Lakes Beach Club is offered to all ELPOA members. This very well structured and organized club offers activities and swim lessons for children ages 4-16 for approximately 8 weeks. Beach Club’s counselors are American Red Cross certified instructors. Lessons range from water exploration and basic skills for younger children, stroke refinement and endurance skills for children 7-13 and lifeguarding skills for teens (must be 15). Swimming lessons are held during the week at all three beaches from the end of June through August. Beach Club children are organized into three groups, small fry ages 4-8, pre-teens ages 9-12 and teens ages 13-16.
Activities offered by age group are:
4 year olds - swim lessons, story time, games, and arts & crafts.
5-6 year olds - swim lessons, games/races, tumbling, cheering, twirling, arts & crafts, diving and t-ball.
7-8 year olds - swim lessons, field activities, tennis, basketball, arts & crafts, cheering & twirling, newcombe, diving and soccer.
9-11 year olds - swim lessons, beach volleyball, frisbee, street hockey, newcombe, wiffleball, lake league diving, diving, basketball, synchronized swimming, tennis, dodgeball and boating.
12-16 year olds - swim lessons, ultimate frisbee, beach and court volleyball, lake league diving, diving, tennis, wiffleball, synchronized swimming, basketball, dodgeball and boating.

In addition to the daytime activities, there are social activities offered one night a week for each age group. Beach Club organizes field trips throughout the summer season, a karaoke night for the teens, sport competitions with surrounding area lakes, and trips to the bowling alley. Operating money is raised through dues and fundraising events. Our annual Tricky Tray which is held in August is our largest fundraiser, and a great time, too. There is a quiche luncheon one Tuesday during the summer and family bingo and ice cream sundae nights have proven to be great fun for all. Awards Night, the culmination to the Beach Club season, is held at the Main Beach amphitheater, with special evening performances by the children. There's an additional yearly fee for membership into this club. The membership fees are a $55 family fee plus $80.00 for each child. Beach Club focuses on providing the best social and recreational activities for children and promotes a close friendly relationship among its members!